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Modern Cleaners

Top Quality Garment care & best customer service since 1944


Shirts Laundered & Pressed

shirts cleaning, press

We clean your shirts bright and shine. Press your shirts with recent techknowledge Shankosha shirts machine.

Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning

dry cleaning, wet cleaning

Dry cleaning with DF-2000 hydro carbon solvent with German BOWE machine.

Wet Cleaning with Posidon Wet Cleaning System.

House Hold Items

Comforter, Duvet, Pillows,Table cloths, Drapery, etc.

Comforter, Duvet, Pillow, Drapery, Table Cloth, etc.

Wedding Dress Clean & Box

wedding dress, wedding gown

Wedding Dress Clean and Box ( for preservation).

Leather & Fur Cleaning

leather Jacket, Fur Coat


alterations, repair


Professional Outdoor Jacket Cleaning Services

We are the professional Dry Cleaner for the specialty outdoor coats.



Dont leave your salty Ugg boots until next winter, it will cause damage on your sheep skin and make crack.